Building Campaign


Our current center operates out of an off campus, single family rental. With growing numbers of students attending each week, we are bursting at the seams.


  • Large Dining Room for 75 students
  • Spacious Kitchen
  • Student Lounge
  • Library & Conference Room
  • Rabbi’s Office
  • Guest Suites


The new Center for Jewish Life, at 132 Church St, will serve to further our vision of creating a home away from home that offers a vibrant Jewish experience to all Jews, regardless of affiliation or background. Through feeding the body, engaging the mind and nourishing the soul, we envision a place where students feel welcomed, empowered to lead and — most importantly — at home.


The Rohr Family Foundation has generously agreed to match all donations for renovations up until $200,000! Please take advantage today and give the Jewish students at Wesleyan a home away from home to nourish their mind, body and soul.

Dedication Opportunities
Center Dedication – $350,000 Reserved
Building Name Dedication – $250,000
Jewish Learning Institute – $200,000
Dining Room – $150,000
Kitchen – $100,000
Library – $60,000
Foyer – $55,000
Student Lounge – $50,000 Reserved
Torah Dedication – $45,000
Furnishings – $36,000 Reserved
Hospitality Suite – $25,000
Sukkah Plaza – $25,000
Rabbi’s Study – $23,000 Reserved
Security System – $20,000
Ritual Washing Station – $18,000
Tribute Wall – $15,000
Audio Visual Systems – $12,000
Bookcases – $10,000
Landscaping – $10,000 Reserved
Front Entrance Mezuzah – $7,500
Tree of Life Display – $7,200
Ner Tamid (Eternal Lamp) – $7,200
Menorah Landmark – $5,000 Reserved
Center Mezuzahs (9) – $3,600





Sponsorship Opportunities
All sponsors will be recognized on an elegant tribute wall

Pillar – $5,000
Friend – $3,600
Benefactor – $2,500
Patron – $1,800
Donor – $1,000

Campaign Donors
Steve Erdman P ’19
Marc ’84 and Esther Sholes
Debra Skopicki P ’18
Marc and Margot Schwartz P ’20
Ira Sharkansky ’60
Levi Gurevitz
Vera Schwarcz
Susan Gutfreund
Mendy Rabin
Daniel Cowen
Daniel and Chana Freundlich
Josh and Ellen Becker
David and Elaine Auerbach P ’17
Jonathan Ratner and Pamela Erens P ’20
Richard Cantor and Esther Altmann P ’19
Yonason Sanford
Paul Steckel and Marlene Morris P ’19
Ira and Galit Casel P ’19
Shmulie Shmotkin
Melissa and Henry Reichner P ’20
Ron ’72 and Barbara Ashkenas
Ruby Renetzky GP ’18
Scott Feinberg and Lynne Cassouto P ’19
Selina Ellis ’04
Jordan Asher P ’17
Kenny Jeruchim ’00
Lesli and Todd Gillman P ’20
Cory and Heather Lefkowitz P ’20
Liz Neumark and Chaim Wachsberger P ’17
Steven Schwartz ’88
David ’05 and Miriam Perechocky
Emily Janice
Mike Hakim ’00
Gary and Thea Mason P ’20
Bruce Lederer ’73
Marisa Cohen ’89
Andrew Cohen ’86
Andrew Kleinfeld ’66
Margaret Lieberman ’79
Stu and Danielle Seltzer P ‘17,20
Philip Sussman and Deborah de Winter P ’18
Rachel Green ’90
Dina Kaplan ’93
Marc Greenberg and Susan Glatt P’ 20
Alexander Family Foundation
Sarah Tunik ’92 P’21 and Dan Oppenheimer ’89 P’21
Lewis Largent and Julie Greenwald P’21
Diane and Jay Tarshis P’21
Larry Davis ’76

Since joining the Chabad Student Group, I have been encouraged to plan and lead events and given the opportunities to do so. Through this, I have connected with many other Jewish students at Wesleyan.


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Here is a brief timeline of events leading up to Feb 2018.
December 2016 – A 3 family located at 132 Church is purchased by Chabad at Wesleyan
January 2017 – Architect Robert Mangino is hired to design the structure
March 2017 – Hearing is held before the Planning and Zoning Board
January 2018 – Zoning Permit is granted
February 2018 – Demolition Contractor is hired and work begins

2/12/18 This week the journey began! Crews arrived to start preparing the building for demolition. The first order of the day – asbestos abatement!

2/15/18 The building is mostly cleared of the shingle siding. Just a bit more left on one side.

2/19/18 The building is ready for demolition. The siding and windows are completely removed. Planning for demolition in mid-March.