Mordechai (far right), the older of the twins, is the vice president of research and development. He cruises at lighting speeds and has his nose in everything that is going on. He is vocal in his opinion and usually gets his way. His interests include going places he shouldn’t and making a mess while everyone else blinks.

Mendel is the senior board member of the family. His hobbies include racing to open the door for the students on Friday nights and trying to remember their names. He also has a flair for letting everyone know what he learned in school that week. His vote lends a lot of weight to the family decision-making process.

Yonah (on shoulders) is the calm voice at the table. He leads the quality control department. Anything not fit to be eaten lands on the floor. More reserved than his brothers, he likes being held by the students and calmly observes the goings on around him. Though when provoked by his brothers, he will put up a fight.


Rabbi Levi Schectman

Levi grew up in Milwaukee, WI and by default is a fan of everything Wisconsin and Midwest. He has been driven to reach out to fellow Jews and over the years, he has taken part in numerous outreach programs, such as cultural trips to Russia and Poland. After getting married and moving to the country called Brooklyn, NY Levi had to quickly adjust to a different culture and lifestyle. Levi loves to hang out and discuss Jewish topics and issues with an emphasis on spirituality and Chassidic mysticism.

Chanie Schectman

Chanie Schectman was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY. Following high school and seminary she worked in a preschool in New York City. She is a teacher by trade, and is famously beloved by her students. Chanie is a voracious reader and enjoys spending time with her family. Elegantly modest and engagingly articulate, Chanie sustains and holds together everything that happens at the Chabad at Wesleyan.

The Institution

Chabad is a Jewish movement with a bold vision and a simple philosophy. The vision is to bring Judaism to every single Jew on earth, no matter where they dwell. The philosophy is to be inclusive of all Jews, regardless of their background. With over 4,000 emissaries around the globe and over 80 branches on U.S. college campuses, Chabad is the largest Jewish outreach organization in the world today.

Chabad at Wesleyan, although having a presence for many years, opened its doors in the fall of 2011 with social, educational, recreational and religious programming for students and faculty. We hope to become a meeting ground for conversation that highlights and complements the diversity at Wesleyan University. Chabad is a home where all Jews are welcome no matter what affiliation, denomination or sexual orientation. We give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage. Most importantly, Chabad is a place where being Jewish is fun.